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!!! Demo 3.0 Now Available! !!!

Lain by Krooked-GlassesLain's Horrible Adventure - Title Screen by NephilVLain's Horrible Adventure - Future Title by NephilVDON'T LOOK by Krooked-GlassesLain's Game - Preview by NephilV

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Lain's Horrible Adventure (formerly known as Lain's Shitty Game) is a novelty action RPG I have been working for over a year now using RPG Maker VX. It revolves around my character Lain Claes and her experiences in whatever the fuck I come up with at the time. This is the 3.0 release! This demo starts from the beginning and proceeds beyond the previous release all the way to the end of chapter 6.

Please note that save files from 2.1 or older LHA demos are not compatible with 3.0 and ongoing. To remedy that, I've included a save in the 4th slot that starts you at the end of demo 2.1 and the beginning of chapter 5.

This post is both a preview and a chance for all of you to help me debug it. Anyone who finds and reports a real glitch or error will be have their names added to the "Debuggers" section of the credits! 2.1 and earlier debuggers are currently posted in the 3.0 credits. Please let me know if you don't want your username in the credits, or if your username is in the credits and you want it removed. (I'll make the change promptly, but of course any copies of the game downloaded prior will not be updated. )

Please keep in mind that the game is NOT RATED and would probably rate around T - M if the ESRB gave two shits and a fuck. Expect foul language and talk of violence and perversion. BY DOWNLOADING IT YOU CONSENT TO BEING SUBJECT TO THE MATURE CONTENT. And also flashing lights and stuff... Please note that the program I used to make it, RPG Maker VX by Enterbrain, is NOT compatible with Macs. For non-windows users, l0vot has provided some details for running this on a non-windows os. Thanks, l0vot!

It comes in a .zip compressed file that you must open with an extraction tool (like WinZip) or I think Windows 7 can just open it.




It should download immediately from the "Now Leaving DA" page after you click on the "continue" link. You can also right-click and "Save as" on the "continue" link.


It's on our official Wikia, page, which is totally under construction at this time, but we've got the guide up, at least.

When posting errors or bugs, please look over the other posts on this journal to make sure it hasn't already been reported. We don't need any double-posts. Also indicate whether you started a new game or transferred your old Demo 1.0(or 2.0) save file.


Supah Short Credits:
NephilV - Writing, programming, art direction, custom pixel art, a little music
Krooked-Glasses - Title art, scene art, face set art
GirlFromSeven11 - Some custom pixel art, some music
SteamPianist - Music
Michael P - Acoustic Music
And lots of internal RPG Maker VX / VX ACE resources as well as officially purchased resource packs from Enterbrain

Full credits available in-game!

Debuggers Demo 1:
:iconhoodedkiller::icongirlfromseven11::iconglennfrost::iconxxemoloverxx225: and technically :iconbeka-azami:

Debuggers Demo 2:

Debuggers Demo 2.1:
burnt-sonic, wildblackroze06, ChromosomeExcel, Bunnairry, ProjectWesker, xXgoth-holicXx
1 HP Hero (Demo 2):
:iconossuki-kurani: (For beating all of World 4.5 with just 1 HP)

Debuggers Demo 3.0:
Zamboozle, SerenaAveline, l0vot

Official Let's Plays:
By teaunicorn:…
By MuffinsWeasleyGaming:…
By ChromosomeExcel:…

Known Bugs:
- ✔ In a certain conversation, almost every line of dialogue from one character cuts off. This has been patched in the current demo now. (Found by KiannaTahkary.)
- ✔ During the first boss fight, there is a small chance Lain might get stuck facing a single direction. (Found by emeraldlizard.)
- ✔ The cows in Chapter 6 sound like sheep when they die. (Found by KrystleFairy12.)
- ✔ Lain looks the wrong direction during a rather important conversation with Luke. (Found by KrystleFairy12.)
- ✔ There's a gate that turns in a big pillar of wood when it opens. (Found by me while looking into a different bug found by KrystleFairy12.)
- ✔ Getting thrown into the castle dungeon after Chapter 6 causes an soft freeze dialog loop. This has been patched in the current demo now. (Found by KrystleFairy12.)
- ✔ Activating one of the benches beside the school's door from the side instead of from below traps Lain in the doorway and locks up the game. This has been patched in the current demo now. (Found by burnt-sonic.)
- ✔ Activating a certain bookshelf causes it to turn into something strange. (Found by Zamboozle.)
- ✔ Some of Howes' dialogue rolls over pretty bad in chapter 4. Updated as of 11/17 (Lain's Birthday!) so re-download if you need to. (Found by Zamboozle.)
- ✔ The razor stops working after chapter 4's ending. This has been fixed in a 12/01 update. (Found by xXgoth-holicXx.)
- ✔ Getting on the bus with the knife out can cause the knife to remain equipped but be non-functional. Changing outfits fixes this. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ Typo: History is misspelled as "histroy" in chapter 5. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ (Well, probably ✔) You can take a step or two during a cutscene in chapter 5. This can cause Lain to face away and make the dialogue a bit silly (sillier). (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ The character Livvy is misnamed Kari at the prom for a minute. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ Going back to the school's second floor after beating chapter 5 causes strange this to happen: duplicate swimsuits, Jenna suddenly spawning, teleportation, etc. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ A rope appears in the storage room outside the hospital after beating chapter 5 if you choose to return. Don't climb it. It's not supposed to be there, and it basically traps you. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ More overflow text from Howes, that sleazy bastard. Luckily, it was minor stuff this time (in the prom and the post-chapter 5 hospital) and not super important plot text. (Found by SerenaAveline.)
- ✔ Leaving during the prom accidentally ends the prom and makes it impossible(ish) to progress. Fixed in latest patch update. (Found by KrystleFairy12.)
- ✔ A door on the first floor of the Factory changes if you look at it from the wrong angle. (Found by xXgoth-holicXx.)
- ✔ There's a question mark that cuts off in Jenna's school dialogue. (Found by Braccini.)
- ✔ Fixed four text errors spread throughout the game. (Found by xXgoth-holicXx.)
- ✔ Howes' intro dialogue was still overflowing. Fixed and updated AGAIN. Hopefully that's all this time. (Found by xXgoth-holicXx.)
- ✔ Loading the Chapter 5 default save would stop the razor from working. Fixed and updated as of 02/25. (Found by Aloneness.)

- Anything in the known bugs section with a ✔ before it!
- Updated (or partially updated) scene art in the new style to match the title screen!


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Nephil V
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States


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Braccini Apr 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Also I was watching a livestream and the person livestreaming asked for games to play and I said yours, so they played it for a bit and said they'll play more later and give me feedback on it, they also really liked Lain and will do some fanart
NephilV Apr 6, 2014  Professional Writer
Oh shit, that's awesome. Thanks, dude.
Braccini Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh yeah, before they started playing they asked if it had any gore or rape or something like that, I said "Nah, Neph doesn't have the budget for that, he can't afford to have shit like that in his game, maybe if he had the money he would, worst you are going to see if a dude threatening to glue your butthole shut "
NephilV Apr 6, 2014  Professional Writer
There is pixelated gore and implied rape and rape jokes. So there's that.
(1 Reply)
Braccini Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome
Braccini Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
First gameplay trailer for Persona Q… I liked it, but dunno if you will =/
NephilV Apr 4, 2014  Professional Writer
Ugh, that's not pretty. First person dungeon crawling, random battles, and I can barely see my characters. That's disappointing.
Braccini Apr 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'll still buy it, but, yeah, it's not very pretty, I liked it but guess it's one of of those things where they have to cut shit to make it work on the 3DS
NephilV Apr 5, 2014  Professional Writer
They shouldn't, though. The normal DS could easily render and populate a full 3D environment. And think about Ocarina of Time 3D. This is just Atlus being a lazy ass.
(1 Reply)
Krooked-Glasses Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconslowhugplz: Looks like the bitches in your webcam.
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